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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paint the Bench!

We haven't been very busy lately because the weather has been so terrible, BUT we just found out that the Imprisoned Bench will soon be imprisoned no more! Translink and the City are setting it free!  We helped set up this send-off for the bench the City is hosting, so come on down Monday the 17th and help turn the bench into a permanent piece of community art!

What does it mean for Interbenchion now that our favourite piece of street furniture will be no more? We will think of something I am sure.  I've been noticing a surprising amount of grass and trees behind fences...

Actually, we are interested in talking to people interested in this sort of stuff to keep the ideas and public space/public art creativity flowing -so if you've got any ideas or want to get involved in future activities, drop us a line at  As we've said before, this has been way too much fun to quit doing.

See you Monday! (But you won't see me)



  1. So exciting! A wee bench freed!

    I so hope this won't mean the end of your escapades in Surrey Central. You've made my commutes so much more fun than they had a right to be. Thank you!

  2. Cool! We are really happy you enjoyed our sillyness! Hope you come out on Monday and add something to the bench :)