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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Bench as a Group Effort

Wow, what an amazing afternoon!  Huge success.  Thanks to everyone who came out and added something to the bench.  Seriously, thank you, we had no idea if people were actually going to take part.  We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Started just with a few people.

Then more came.

And more came!

Someone taking a photo.
There was a constant stream of people for three and a half hours!  Here are some shots of all the different things people added to the bench.  This was seriously the best Interbenchion that has happened.

That handsome fella is Arthur Whalley, namesake of the neighbourhood.

"Geocaching Cared"
A local geocacher made a geocache based on the fenced bench: #GC1B45F.  It is inactive now, but she says she is going to make a new one!

"Without adversity there wouldn't be victory"

I <3 Surrey.

Someone chronicled all the Interbenchions on the back of a bench.

Putting down roots.

Good advice!
That is is for now, bench is looking amazing and we will keep everyone updated for the big move.  And to answer the question that keeps coming up, no, we are not done, and contact us if you have any ideas.

Big thanks to the City for the equipment, and all the people/media who have helped spread the word about our silly project, it is really appreciated!

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